What We Do

Project Logistics

Our Project Logistics involves the management of everything to do with the logistics of your shipment of your cargo building or construction project, throughout complex supply chains. From getting items ready to be moved, to arranging transportation via sea, air or land freight, storage, onwards travel and unloading at the final destination.

Service Overview

Project Planning

Executing a project successfully from planning to delivery requires a team of project specialists with grit and know how. Glenfield’s Projects Division with over 16 years of experience; specialize in the movement of heavy lift, oversized equipment and breakbulk cargo offering tailor made Project Logistics solutions for the mining, energy and manufacturing industry. With a dedicated team of specialists Glenfield Project Logistics services include; feasibility studies and route surveys, pre-shipment inspections, customs clearance and documentation, cargo surveying and vessel tallying, discharge reporting, load planning, route clearance and modifications, specialized transport, crane hire and offloading as well as onsite Project Logistics management.

This involves moving large, heavy, expensive precious and even hazardous items around the world, sometimes to hard-to-reach locations, and dealing with all the associated paperwork. This includes import and export documents, customs clearance, insurance and hazardous materials documents, as well as dealing with freight charge negotiations, freight consolidation, tracking and supervision and more.

Glenfield will ensure end to end assistance in all logistical and clearing activities. With so much at stake on these incredibly costly large-scale projects, getting everything to where it needs to be, safely and on time is paramount – and that’s where Project Logistics experts come in.

About Us

Shaping the Future for over 16 Years

We have an all-around string professional partnership that are with us all the way to delivery of goods. No job is too big for us and we have a team of experienced managers and top executives to ensure our clientele is served end to end. in delivering large-scale Project Logistics, as well as one-off movements of those massive, specialist pieces of equipment.