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Glenfield Commodities has been in the business of supplying Gold to clients from different industries around the world from jewellers to refineries to private buyers. Our Gold comes inĀ  Gold Bars and Gold nuggets depending on buyers preference.

All our operations are licensed for mining, purchase and export for the countries of origin by the local legal and governmental authorities. We mine and purchase the gold from several localities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. Our gold is purchased in several forms as sand, dust, nuggets, bars and ingots. The purchases are always made upon full consignment, smelting and quality specification using fire Assay, Cupellation, specific gravity determination and Digital XRF Scanner. Rest assured, the gold you are getting is of the highest standards.

At Glenfield Commodities, we understand how important speed of quote and service is for business customers trading in precious metals especially Gold. Glenfield concentrates on a fast response in order to help you retain your competitive advantage.

Upon request of a quote and successful signing of contracts. Glenfield Commodities will pull cargo from our storage for shipping to your desired destination:


  • Storage: We provide bullion vaults for storage and immediate shipping from our location to refineries across the globe.
  • Shipment Services: We provides shipment preparation, weighing and acceptance, and release for third-party inspection and assaying at final destination.

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